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C4G is a community of over 750 nonprofit and mission-driven consultants. In C4G, you can connect with colleagues and peers without giving up the autonomy of running your own business. We operate from an abundance mindset (instead of a scarcity one) and believe there is enough business to go around. When we come together, we can have better businesses and a greater impact.

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Our Story

Consultants for Good began when founder Lauren Andraski was consulting for nonprofits. She had been relying on a few long-distance mentors -- and her husband -- for support to understand the ins-and-outs of a consulting business, to ask questions like, "which tax form should I use?" without worrying about looking like an expert, and to share opportunities and approaches instead of hoarding them. She knew she needed a community, but came up short after hours of nonprofit networking events filled with potential clients, entrepreneur meet-ups more focused on who could hand out the most business cards, and trying to rope her husband into being her entire support system even though he works in a different sector. Lauren contacted other nonprofit consultants to ask if a community for them would be useful, and C4G was born in the basement of a coffee shop in Denver. Since then, C4G has grown to a global network with monthly virtual meetings (no more coffee shop basements), an online platform for members to share resources and get support, happy hours to connect local C4G communities, and more.

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