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Consultants for Good

Consultants for Good is the world's largest community of mission-driven consultants. We openly share knowledge and opportunities to lift each other up, improve our quality of life as business owners, and make the philanthropic sector more effective. 

Every member of C4G has experienced the imposter syndrome, professional isolation, client challenges, and information overload that hold many consultants back from the freedom and fulfillment we all deserve. 

Unlike many other nonprofit professional groups, C4G is dynamic, inclusive, spam-free, peer-led, and valuable for mission-driven business owners regardless of background or experience. 

With conversations always buzzing and a full event calendar each month, what you get out of C4G is entirely up to you! If you share and ask for support, participate in learning sessions, and connect with other members, you will be rewarded with invaluable knowledge, work opportunities, and relationships. 

If you are seeking true community, don’t spend another day going it solo! Join C4G to discover more freedom and fulfillment in your business.

Collaboration meeting - Nadia Ali of Idea Labs + Sarah Rimmel of Slow Integration Coaching
Collaboration meeting - Nadia Ali of Idea Labs + Sarah Rimmel of Slow Integration Coaching
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Our Story

Four C4G members meeting in person at an outdoor venue.

Consultants for Good began when founder Lauren Andraski was consulting for nonprofits. She was looking for support to understand the ins and outs of a consulting business, to ask questions like, "How do I find new clients?" without worrying about looking like an expert, and to share opportunities and approaches instead of hoarding them.

She knew she needed a community, but came up short after hours of nonprofit networking events filled with potential clients and entrepreneur meet-ups more focused on who could hand out the most business cards.  In 2018, Consultants for Good was born -- a vibrant, peer-led community for mission-driven business owners to navigate these waters together. C4G started as a meeting in a coffee shop basement and now boasts an international community with thousands of consultants.

Better Together

In 2023, Consultants for Good and the esteemed founders of Philanthroforce, Sean Hale and Sean Ramsey, strategically joined forces. Philanthroforce proudly held the title of the world's largest directory of nonprofit consultants and already offered features sought after by C4G members. These included nonprofit memberships and webinars, the Easy Match platform, expert articles and videos, client leads, a dynamic job board, and the directory itself. By acquiring Philanthroforce, C4G aspires to make it easier for consultants to choose where to spend their time and energy and to provide nonprofits with a seamless way to find the right experts in one place.

In 2024, Consultants for Good welcomed the members of Wheelhouse Directory members. Founded in November 2018, the Wheelhouse Directory grew to almost 200 members and recognizes the value of consolidating resources in the social sector. Learn more about our partnership with Philanthroforce here, and the Wheelhouse Directory here.

Five people posing for a picture, including Lauren Andraski, Sean Ramsey, Alfredo Ramirez, and Sanjay Tyagi

Thank you to these Sponsors and Partners for their support of Philanthroforce


Sponsor Logos: St. David's Foundation, H.E.Butt Foundation, SAAF, MHM, Webber Foundation


Sponsor Logos: St. David's Foundation, H.E.Butt Foundation, SAAF, MHM, Webber Foundation
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