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Our Team

An image of Lauren Andraski, a white woman with light brown hair, bangs, and glasses
Lauren Andraski (she/her)

Founder + CEO

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An image of Jenni Getzy, a tan skinned Asian woman with dark brown hair and glasses
Jenni Getzy (she/her)

Marketing + Communications

Founder of Nonprofit Jenni

An image of Peris Wanjiru, a Black Kenyan woman with black hair and a laptop
Peris Wanjiru (she/her)


Lead Virtual Assistant at WAZA Systems

Onboarding Team

Consultants for Good is peer-driven, and members gain as much as they put into the community. Interested in joining the onboarding team? Contact us!

An image of Acey Holmes, a white woman with curly light brown hair and a hot pink suit jacket
Acey Holmes (she/her)

Founder + CEO at BoredLess

C4G Slack Community Manager

An image of Ashley Kochans, a white woman with chin-length curly blonde hair
Ashley Kochans (she/her)

Digital Marketing Strategist at Kochans Consulting

An image of Donna Childress, a white woman with short dark blonde hair
Donna Childress (she/her)

Strategy + Storytelling at Childress Communications

An image of Liana Scarim, a white woman with reddish brown wavy hair
Liana Scarim (she/her)

Major Gift Officer at Denver Museum of Nature & Science

An image of Sanjay Tyagi, a tan skinned man with glasses and short gray hair, wearing a suit
Sanjay Tyagi (he/him)

Cost Reduction Specialist at Schooley Mitchell


An image of Sean Hale, a white man with short gray hair
Sean Hale (he/him)

Co-founder of Philanthroforce

Founder of Sean Hale Consulting

An image of Sean Ramsey, a white man with a shaved head and a goatee
Sean Ramsey (he/him)

Co-founder of Philanthroforce

CEO + Founder of Fortafy

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