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C4G helps you find the right consultant faster and easier, so you can get back to your mission.

We are dedicated to strengthening nonprofits by strengthening the specialists who serve them.

Nonprofits are often short on resources, experience, or expertise to accomplish their mission. Leveraging the diverse network of nonprofit consulting talent is more than just a best practice - it's a necessity.

If your nonprofit needs extra hands and minds to get a job done, Consultants for Good can connect you with the right consultant faster and easier, as the world's largest community of nonprofit consultants.

Connect with experts who make your job easier and more impactful.

Whether you're looking for a downloadable resource, hiring a consultant, or something in between, the Consultants for Good community has what you need.


  • Enhanced consultant search

  • Read and write consultant recommendations

  • Direct message consultants

  • Access articles, videos, and on-demand resources from noprofit experts

  • Join monthly nonprofit webinars

  • Unlimited use of Easy Match to find the right expert for your mission

  • Exclusive weekly emails with curated nonprofit resources

Get to know our community in the 2023 Nonprofit Consultant Landscape Analysis: The latest insights about the nonprofit consulting sector, top specialties, expert advice, and more. Click here to read now.
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