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Better Together

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Philanthroforce and Consultants for Good are joining forces!

Over the last two years, Consultants for Good (C4G) has partnered with Philanthroforce, an organization that matches the right consultant with the right nonprofit and hosts the world’s largest nonprofit consultant directory. 

Like C4G, Philanthroforce supports nonprofit consultants to stay up-to-date on trends, find new clients, and collaborate with other consultants. To further our (and your!) shared goals of a more connected nonprofit sector, and in alignment with C4G’s already planned membership launch, we are excited to announce that C4G and Philanthroforce are merging!

In November 2023, operations will transition from Philanthroforce to the Consultants for Good umbrella, and we are lucky enough to have the advisory support of Philanthroforce founders Sean Hale and Sean Ramsey for this transition.


Both communities are proud that around 40% of their consultant members are diversely owned and operated. We are excited to continue deepening diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in C4G, and to further support increased diversity amongst nonprofit consultants.

What's changing?

C4G is committed to supporting all of our current members and welcoming our new members from Philanthroforce into the Consultants for Good Community.


By becoming an ever-larger directory of nonprofit consultants, and by aggregating and growing our capacity-building resources, this partnership will make it easier for consultants to choose where to spend their professional development dollars, time, and energy. Nonprofits and mission-driven organizations are even more likely to find a specialist who is an exquisite match for their needs: not just a strategic planner, for example, but also someone with deep experience with educational organizations and who is bilingual in the language of the community they work in.

How will this impact my membership?

New Members

Welcome! You can view and join one of our membership options for consultants, nonprofits, and foundations here.

Philanthroforce Nonprofit Members

Nonprofit members will retain all of your current benefits, including Enhanced Search, the nonprofit webinar series, Easy Match, and the ability to connect directly with consultants - with even more experts and topics to choose from!

Philanthroforce Consultant Members

All consultant members, regardless of membership level, have automatically been upgraded to the full Consultants for Good account as of November 13! This free trial will be live until December 13, and includes:

  • Email and Slack groups to ask for judgment-free support and share resources​

  • Access to join (and create!) smaller discussion or meet-up groups based on your consulting focus, identity, or other topics you'd like to dive into. Current groups include Consultants of Color, JEDI Consultants, Consultants Living Abroad, Marketing Professionals, and more!

  • Quarterly opportunities to meet mentors, peers, collaborators, and referral partners

  • Local in-person meet-ups in your city

  • 3x the consultants you could connect with via Philanthroforce alone


Loving your new membership? You can upgrade to the C4G membership permanently, at a pro-rated price, here.


If you upgrade before December 20th, we're offering a lifetime 33% discount on your membership. Check your email or your member dashboard for the code.

If you do not upgrade to the C4G membership, you will revert back to your Premium, Agency, or Basic membership on December 13 for the remainder of your membership term. At the end of your term, you will become a Basic member if you are not already.

Current Consultants for Good Members

Consultants for Good members will receive a link to sign up for the updated membership on November 13, which includes a 30-day free trial.

If you upgrade before December 20th, we're offering a lifetime 33% discount on your membership! Check your email for the code.

In addition to the current C4G benefits, you'll also have access to:

  • Enhanced listing in the online directory

  • Ability to promote yourself broadly through video and expert opinion articles that are shared through the newsletter, social media, and the website

  • Free, unlimited leads to potential clients

  • Easy Match, which automatically contacts you when a client posts an opportunity

  • The consulting opportunities board

What if I'm a current member of C4G and Philanthroforce?

Follow the information above in the "Philanthroforce Consultant Members" section

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