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Join the C4G Community

Find the mission-driven colleagues you've been waiting for

Joining the Consultants for Good Community means gaining partners, supporters, coworkers, and cheerleaders - on your terms. In our community-centric model, members connect on the specific topics they’d like to teach and to learn; connect on anything from reviewing PowerPoint slides to co-creating programs, bidding together on RFPs, or even partnering to form a consultancy together.

The C4G Community is currently free to join, with changes to pricing and membership benefits coming in early 2024.

Join now to qualify for the lifetime discount that will be offered to all existing members of C4G!


Online discussion forums where you will find RFPs, share your upcoming events, seek support from and offer your expertise to other C4G members


Join monthly sessions based on what you and other community members want to teach and learn


Connect with a community of consultants working with mission-driven clients


Grow your business with access to RFPs, partnerships, and mentors

Apply to join C4G

Are you a consultant working with or wanting to work with non-profit or for-good companies?

Thank you! We will be in contact within 10 business days.

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