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C4G is in your Wheelhouse

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Logo: The Wheelhouse for Nonprofits
Consultants for Good welcomes members from The Wheelhouse for Nonprofits Directory!

Like the Wheelhouse Directory, Consultants for Good (C4G) supports nonprofit consultants at every stage in their career by keeping them up-to-date on trends, connecting them with new clients, and opening collaboration opportunities with other consultants. We are excited to announce that Wheelhouse Directory is merging with C4G so you can find all the support you need for your mission-driven practice.

Diverse C4G members smiling and attending a virtual consultant session

Get started!

We're thrilled to be able to continue the work started by the Wheelhouse Directory and to welcome you to the Consultants for Good community.

Sign up here to join our welcome session, and start your free month below. Use coupon code "WHEELHOUSE20" for 20% off or, if you had a paid Wheelhouse Directory account, check your email for a coupon code for 50% off your first payment.

How will this impact my membership?

Current Wheelhouse Directory Members

We're excited to have you in the community! C4G would love to offer you free access to the community for your first month, which includes:

  • Private C4G Google Group and Slack channel where you can ask for judgment-free support and help finding resources for your business

  • Enhanced member profile and priority listing in search results

  • Unlimited nonprofit client leads

  • Free access to consultant events, including local meet-ups in your city and quarterly virtual connection meetings to meet mentors, peers, collaborators, and referral partners

  • Ability to promote yourself broadly through your C4G profile, videos, articles, and product offerings that are shared through the C4G newsletter, social media, and the website


If you had a free account with the Wheelhouse Directory, use code "WHEELHOUSE20" for 20% off your first payment and start your 30-day free trial below!

If you had a paid account with the Wheelhouse Directory, you save even more! In addition to a 30-day free trial, check your email for a code for 50% off your first payment.
How much does a C4G membership cost?

C4G memberships are designed to cost less than one billable hour for a consultant per month, and saves you time building your own network, Googling answers to questions that other members can answer instantly, and sends client leads to you directly.

  • Yearly: $50/month billed at $600/year 

  • Quarterly: $67/month billed at $200/quarter

Be sure to add your discount code at checkout for your first year so we can give you an even warmer welcome to the community!

What if I'm already a member of C4G and the Wheelhouse Directory?

If you’re already a C4G member, you don’t need to take any action! You’ll get to hang out with your C4G and Wheelhouse Directory peers all in one place.

Our Collaboration Story

In 2013,  Wheelhouse Directory founder, Brad Strong, started playing the matchmaker role as the Executive Director for MENTOR Colorado.  Brad recalls, “It has always been magical when you find the right consultant with the right approach for a nonprofit”. Brad launched the Wheelhouse Directory in November 2018 and grew the platform to almost 200 members to connect nonprofits with the expertise they need to thrive. 

The Wheelhouse Directory was founded in November 2018 and grew to almost 200 members.  “I was always a big fan of Lauren’s efforts to build a community among consultants”, says Wheelhouse Directory founder Brad Strong, “We are thrilled that our directory members will be welcomed into such a supportive and growing network.”

What's changing?

C4G is committed to supporting all of our current members and welcoming our new members from the Wheelhouse Directory into the Consultants for Good Community.


By becoming an ever-larger directory of nonprofit consultants, and by aggregating and growing our capacity-building resources, this partnership will make it easier for consultants to choose where to spend their professional development dollars, time, and energy. Nonprofits and mission-driven organizations are even more likely to find a specialist who is an exquisite match for their needs: not just a strategic planner, for example, but also someone with deep experience with educational organizations and who is bilingual in the language of the community they work in.

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