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Is C4G for me?

Consultants for Good members are collaborative consultants— valuable members of a helpful and diverse community of peers who share openly, connect each other to great clients, optimize business practices, and influence progress across the nonprofit sector.


We operate from an abundance mindset (instead of a scarcity one) and believe there is enough business to go around. When we come together, we can have better businesses and a greater impact.

Whether you're just getting started, and want to get it right the first time...

"I came to C4G with little to no knowledge of what being a solopreneur and consultant was. I have since grown my business in ways I could have only dreamed of and 90% of that is because of C4G. Through the online forum, I have learned how to charge for my worth, tools/mechanisms for more income, marketing dos and don’t, how to have difficult conversations with clients and colleagues, accounting basics, and that I am enough as I am and for where I am at in my solopreneur journey. C4G is where I discovered that my business is a route to personal and professional liberation and it was possible."

Frana BA

Racial Justice Consultant & Facilitator, Frana BA Consulting

Consultant at Information Insights

An image of Frana BA, a white woman with dark brown hair in a pixie cut wearing a black jacket and teal shirt

...want to learn what's working for your peers and grow your business with intention...

An image of Sabrina Walker Hernandez, a Black woman with dark brown skin, black curly hair, colorful glasses & a peach jacket

"The problem I had before I joined C4G was not having a community that I could go to for best practices, templates, and input without being judged. I am a member of other communities that are great but the information can be delayed. Once I joined C4G the information share was immediate and other consultants were open and forthright with sharing information and asking questions. I realized that this was a great win/win partnership when I started saving samples, sharing my experience and joining in the monthly meet-up. I recommend joining C4G because they share valuable content and knowledge and are innovative in their approach to working with consultants. It’s not just a "what is in it for me" mentality."

Sabrina Walker Hernandez

CEO + Best-Selling Author, Supporting World Hope

...or share your work and knowledge while staying up to date...

"New Why has been around for 10 years, and we're in that typical owner-operated slump which we're starting to get serious about getting out of. We've primarily been using C4G to find new business, but have tried, when we can, to lend our expertise to consultants if and when we can. As an example, I recently spent about an hour on the phone with [another member] trying to troubleshoot some WordPress issues she was having with some of her very first clients as a solopreneur. And I LIVE for that stuff. "

Michelle Drumm

Founder, New Why

A black and white profile view of Michelle Drumm, a white woman with dark hair
A compilation of photos from various in-person meet-ups with C4G, showing a racially and age diverse community convening

...Consultants for Good is the community to support you, your business, and your mission

Get to know our community in the the 2023 Nonprofit Consultant Landscape Analysis: The latest insights about C4G's nonprofit consultants and coaches, popular resources, best practices, and more. Click here to read now.
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