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Fund capacity-building support for nonprofits

We are dedicated to strengthening nonprofits by strengthening the specialists who serve them.

When nonprofits need capacity-building support, they often turn to their network or funders for consultant referrals. Unfortunately, relying on word-of-mouth recommendations limits their ability to conduct an equitable, inclusive consultant search

This is where our community comes in. As the world's largest community of nonprofit consultants, Consultants for Good matches nonprofits with the right consultant for every project.

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How does it work?

With your support, we can help more nonprofits find capacity-building solutions.

  • Nonprofits use our robust search tool to find consultants that meet their criteria, including specialty, location, languages spoken, and more.

  • Our Easy Match system sends nonprofits' project description or RFP to all consultants in our network who meet their criteria.

  • With the largest community of nonprofit consultants in the world, we help nonprofits tap into a bigger, more diverse talent pool.

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Help us build something special

Since our founding in 2018, we’ve reached some exciting milestones:

  • We built a robust search engine enabling nonprofits to find the right support for every need

  • We’ve hosted in-person and online gatherings for nonprofits and consultants to connect with peers and grow professionally

  • We joined forces with Philanthroforce, bringing together the two largest nonprofit consultant networks for greater impact

  • We published the first Nonprofit Consultant Landscape Analysis to provide industry insights

  • We’ve grown our community to engage over 1,000 nonprofit consultants internationally

Five people at an event, including the C4G founder, Philanthroforce co-founder, Prosal co-founder, and C4G onboarding member
Check out the latest sector insights: Industry data representing over 740 consultants, top specialties, resources, & more!
Five age and racially diverse women posing at a C4G event

We need your help to offer even more capacity-building support to nonprofits and consultants. Partner with Consultants for Good to help us achieve our next goals:

  • Provide more resources to aspiring consultants and increase accessibility and diversity in the sector

  • Improve our consultant verification services to help nonprofits confirm consultants’ qualifications and experience

  • Develop more local consultant peer networks that offer more collaboration, networking, and professional development opportunities

  • Continue hosting capacity-building webinars and creating informative reports like our Nonprofit Consultant Landscape Analysis

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Join the movement dedicated to a stronger nonprofit sector.

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