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Nonprofit consultants thriving in community.

Did you start your business for more freedom and flexibility, only to find yourself feeling isolated and spread thin? The Consultants for Good (C4G) community invites you to become a collaborative consultant and thrive, both as a nonprofit expert and as a business owner.


Being a solopreneur or small business owner does not mean you have to go it alone!

Diverse C4G members smiling and attending a virtual consultant session

Who are the members of C4G?

We’re a dynamic, peer-driven collective of mission-driven consultants who are motivated to learn together, share work opportunities, swap business tips, and bond over shared experiences.


Hundreds of mission-driven consultants and small business owners are Consultants for Good members. We’re the world’s largest peer network of mission-driven consultants! C4G members are located all over the U.S. and the world. From the newbie consultant hungry for knowledge to the seasoned agency owner seeking new ways of doing business, it’s our variety of backgrounds and specialties that make this group so helpful.

If you're a nonprofit professional looking to find the right consultant for your project or a foundation that supports nonprofits with capacity building or other projects, we have options for you, too!

A professional network that works with your schedule.


Unlike other groups with clunky portals, C4G conversations happen over email and Slack, where we already hang out! So it’s easy to get and give advice.


We have a full calendar of virtual events based on what you and other members want to teach and learn—and you’ll always get the recordings.


C4G members find new friends and partners through our directory, message threads, learning events, and in-person meetups.


You can grow your business in a way that feels good by seeking and sharing advice with people who are happy to share, and receiving opportunities directly in your inbox.

Thriving C4G Members

Hannah Matthys PhD.jpg

"[C4G] is such a great resource and I'm glad to no longer feel like I'm on an island by myself!"

Hannah Matthys, PhD

Founder + Consultant 

BeBrave Diversity

Headshot of Hannah Matthys

"I love how giving and welcoming [C4G] is. And spam-free. It's not filled with people pushing their '7-figure' shit. It's real humans who love what they do and want to support other great humans.”

Kelly Wittman

Co-Founder + Brand Strategist


otisa eads.png

"I will never forget the first time I joined a C4G networking call! We had great conversations around our work and the struggles that we face as small business owners, especially as BIPOC consultants."

Otisa Eads

HR + Systems Strategist

Otisa Eads

Your C4G membership
is what you make it.

With conversations always buzzing and a full event calendar each month, what you get out of C4G is entirely up to you! If you share and ask for support, participate in learning sessions, and connect with other members, you will be rewarded with truly invaluable knowledge, work opportunities, and relationships.

Quarterly Membership


billed at $200 USD every 3 months

Annual Membership


billed at $600 USD every year


  • Monthly virtual events and on-demand content to support your most pressing business needs

  • Virtual and local networking with other collaborative consultants

  • Exposure for your business on our public directory with your enhanced profile

  • Email and Slack groups to ask for support and share resources without judgment

  • Client opportunities emailed directly to you based on the specialties in your profile

  • Access to post unlimited articles and videos showcasing your work

  • A community of mission-driven consultants who want to see you succeed

Not quite ready to experience the full benefits of C4G? Start with our complimentary plan.

Create a free limited directory listing and receive our consultant newsletter

Why doesn't C4G have a monthly membership?

C4G is a community, first and foremost. Instead of feeling the whiplash of members joining and leaving the community, we want to keep some continuity in who is or isn't in the community by only providing longer memberships. If you need a monthly membership for financial reasons, please contact Lauren Andraski at

What if I can't afford a membership?

Because C4G is relational, not transactional, there are opportunities to share your skills instead of your money. Sign up for the newsletter below to be updated on barter opportunities and scholarships.

What is C4G's commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ)?

C4G embeds DEIJ in everything we do. We ask presenters how they'll prioritize equity, inclusion, and accessibility in their sessions, require pay to be included in all RFP or job opportunities shared in the group, and are working to remove barriers faced by consultants like start-up costs, access to affordable support services, mentorship, coaching, charging your worth, and getting hired by clients.

Who can join C4G?

Consultants for Good is an international community (so that you can get advice and support for even your most specific questions) with a local feel. If there isn't currently a local meet-up in your area, reach out! In addition to our consultant and coach memberships, we offer memberships for nonprofits and foundations.

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