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Find the mission-driven colleagues you've been waiting for

Joining the Consultants for Good Community means gaining partners, supporters, coworkers, and cheerleaders - on your terms. In our community-centric model, members connect on the specific topics they’d like to teach and to learn; connect on anything from reviewing PowerPoint slides to co-creating programs, bidding together on RFPs, or even partnering to form a consultancy together.


Online discussion forums where you will find RFPs, share your upcoming events, seek support from and offer your expertise to other C4G members


Join monthly sessions based on what you and other community members want to teach and learn


Connect with a community of consultants working with mission-driven clients


Grow your business with access to RFPs, partnerships, and mentors

Sliding Scale membership 
to meet you (and your business) where you are

C4G memberships are on a sliding scale so that you can join the community regardless of your income or stage in your business. We trust that you will choose the amount that supports the C4G community and your business.

Pay more if:

  • You would like to contribute to the growth of the C4G community

  • You would like to support consultants who can't afford a full membership

  • Your business is making a profit

  • You are financially able to run your business full-time

Pay less if:

  • You have been in business for a year or less

  • You have significant debt or no disposable income

  • You have to work another job aside from your business

Find your people

  • $20 per month

    Every year
     90 day free trial
  • Recommended

    $30 per month

    Every year
  • $40 per month

    Every year

All plans auto-renew yearly to keep things easy for the C4G team. You'll receive a reminder before your auto-renewal, and are free to cancel at any time.

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