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Looking for a consultant?

Are you a nonprofit or mission-driven company looking to hire a consultant? Are you hoping to diversify your candidate pool beyond the consultants in your community?


Submit your opportunity at the form below, and it will be shared with the Consultants for Good Community, made up of consultants who focus on fundraising, strategic communications, evaluation, and everything in between. 

Note that all opportunities must include a budget range or pay information as that helps eliminate gender and hopefully other pay gaps. Research shows that a lack of pay transparency in job postings disproportionately impacts people of color and women, both of whom are already paid less and may be penalized for negotiating wagesPay transparency has the potential to eliminate the gender wage gap and, hopefully, the racial wage gap.

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Does this opportunity include budget or pay information, as required by C4G?

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Thank you! We will be in contact within 10 business days.

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