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C4G welcomes ACN

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Logo: The Association of Consultants to Nonprofits: Building on 30 Years of Success
Consultants for Good welcomes members from
The Association of Consultants to Nonprofits!

The Association of Consultants to Nonprofits (ACN) has partnered with Consultants for Good to provide you with a free one-month C4G Consultant membership from April 17 - May 24.

ACN and C4G are considering whether to join forces and merge our resources. As member-led communities, we want to hear from you and your experience in both communities before we decide. ACN members will have the opportunity to vote on this collaboration from May 20-24, and we want you to experience the joy, support, and community of Consultants for Good before you decide. 

Diverse C4G members smiling and attending a virtual consultant session

Get started!

We're thrilled to offer all current ACN members a free one-month trial of Consultants for Good.

Sign up here to join our welcome session, and start your free month below. Stay tuned for updates from ACN on how to vote on the merger from May 20-24!

How will this impact my membership?

Current ACN Members

We're excited to have you in the community! C4G would love to offer you free access to the community for your first month, which includes:

  • Private C4G Google Group and Slack channel where you can ask for judgment-free support and help finding resources for your business

  • Enhanced member profile and priority listing in search results

  • Unlimited nonprofit client leads

  • Free access to consultant events, including local meet-ups in your city and quarterly virtual connection meetings to meet mentors, peers, collaborators, and referral partners

  • Ability to promote yourself broadly through your C4G profile, videos, articles, and product offerings that are shared through the C4G newsletter, social media, and the website

  • Connections to our over 300 nonprofit members


All ACN members are eligible to test out the C4G community until May 24 for free so that you can vote on this proposed partnership.

How much does a C4G membership cost?

C4G memberships are designed to cost less than one billable hour for a consultant per month, and saves you time building your own network, Googling answers to questions that other members can answer instantly, and sends client leads to you directly.

If the merger is approved, ACN will cover your first 6 months of membership, and C4G will offer you a 33% discount for your first year, following the pricing below

2024, April 17-May 24: Free 30 day trial

2024, July-December: Free, covered by ACN

2025, January-December: 33% discount from C4G

  • Yearly: $33.50/month billed at $402/year 

  • Quarterly: $45/month billed at $134/quarter

2026, January-December: Standard pricing

  • Yearly: $50/month billed at $600/year 

  • Quarterly: $67/month billed at $200/quarter

What if I'm already a member of C4G and ACN

If you’re already a C4G member, you will be able to vote on the proposed merger from May 20-24, and will benefit from having all of your resources in one place, helping your time and professional development budget stretch further.

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